At St. John's, we seek to share the Good News of the Gospel through
engaging worship, faithful service, and life-long Christian formation while joyfully
living out our faith in this community and the world.


St. John's offers Sunday services at 8 am, 10 am and 5 pm, and Wednesday at 10 am.


At St. John’s we believe that everyone has room to grow in their Christian faith.


No matter who you are or where you come from, St. John’s could use your talents.




If you would like to participate in our St. John’s Lenten Bible Devotion click here to download a schedule of readings. And if you would like to follow those readings with daily reflections visit this site and sign up.

Back to Basics: The Bible Lenten Adult Education Series

Click here to listen to Lecture 1 on the Old Testament. You can also see Fr. Noah’s notes here.

Click here to listen to Lecture 2 on the Old Testament, and here to see Natalie Finstad's notes.

Click here to listen to Lecture 3 on the New Testament. Also click on the links for the handouts:

New Testament TimelineBooks of the New TestamentPaul's Letters Map

Click here to listen to the final Lecture 4 on the New Testament. Click on the links for the handouts.

Gospel Passage ComparisonRelationship between Synoptic Gospels