A Film & READING-Based Dialogue on Race & Faith

Sundays 11:30-1 pm in the Sanctuary at St. John’s staring Sunday, October 6th

Wednesdays 7-8:30pm in Upper Weld Hall at St. John’s starting Wednesday, October 9th

This year, parishioners at St. John’s and members of neighboring faith communities are invited to participate in a journey over the sacred ground of racial introspection and reconciliation. In this 10-part series offered by St. John’s Adult Education, developed by the Episcopal Church, and co-facilitated by parishioners Holly Carter and Caitlin Slodden, we will walk through the chapters of America’s history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, socio-economic status, and political and regional identity.  Goals include:

  • Examining the impact of white privilege

  • Learning how and why racial inequalities are perpetuated in contemporary American society

  • Gaining a deeper appreciation for other cultures and experience

  • Fostering greater awareness of and deeper empathytowards others 

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Engaging with issues of racial identity and difference

  • Developing tools to better navigate the world as faithful Christians

  • Intergenerational dialogue - high school age parishioners welcome